A.I. and the Kittiwake


Today, Endangered Species Day coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week. Two recent events have intertwined these topics in my mind.

Firstly, my husband came home with photographs of some “Kittiwake Hotels” that his company had built. Kittiwakes are a protected species that primarily inhabit the sea, but they traditionally nest on cliff ledges from March to July.

Along the shorelines they inhabit, these cliff ledges are often window ledges. Despite their beauty, these birds aren’t always appreciated due to their noise and mess, so flats, hotels, and office blocks tend to block the ledges, preventing them from nesting.

Kittiwake hotels are constructed to provide suitable nesting spaces and protect these vulnerable birds. It’s a beautiful way to safeguard a species that could become endangered without such efforts.

The following day, I was interviewed on a podcast, and a thought-provoking question was raised: with AI taking over the world, is there a place for AI in the work that I do?

It was a challenging question for me to answer at the time because it stirred up many thoughts. I work at a soul level—can AI replace or be a part of that work?

The though that emerged was this:

With AI’s increasing dominance in our lives, is our connection to our soul becoming an endangered species?

Are we as vulnerable as the Kittiwakes? Will we require something akin to their hotels for our souls to find refuge—a place where our free thinking is shielded from the world of artificial intelligence?

Might our own intelligence become artificial? With world events it feels like that has been with us since time immemorial

Is the connection to our soul becoming endangered as we are surrounded by so much tech which creates fake everything including news (aka a fake reality).

I spent a few hours researching more about how AI works, if we future-pace it, I feel feint at what the unintended consequences might be.

Sometimes my imagination can be rather dramatic, but imagination is what inspires movies. And yet, these cinematic scenarios seem to be unfolding in reality.

Let’s remember, AI draws from past information to cleverly project potential futures. Whether through words, images, or videos, AI offers projections of potential outcomes. And it can learn based on what data it is fed.

In contrast, phew, let’s talk human, my work is about guiding you to connect with your potential self. It’s about supporting your journey to self-awareness and authenticity—according to your truth, not dictated by algorithm data nor AI.

Learning to engage with all ten senses is a beautiful practice that AI cannot replicate.

Delving into your subconscious mind, embarking on inner journeys to retrieve your wisdom from the animal kingdom—AI cannot mimic that.

There’s nothing artificial about your intelligence or your essence.

Your inner messages are your truth in the present moment. Only you can shape the future based on what you know in each moment.

So, if asked again whether AI has a place in my work, my answer is a firm no.

Perhaps AI can assist with writing blogs or engaging in conversations like this one with ChatGPT, who, by the way, speaks more eloquently than I do. However, AI has no place in the essence of my work. That space is reserved for you.

No one else knows the path you’ve walked, the circumstances you face today, or the dreams you hold for the future.

You embody every belief in your being. You’ve encoded your values. Your purpose on Earth was predetermined before your arrival.

If AI were ever designed to take on these roles…

Well, move over Kittiwakes, I’ll be joining you.

Tara x

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