Sacred Words
Healing Sister Circle

Gather the Women, Her Words Are Medicine

Join my Journalling Circle to reclaim your power, release burdens, and reveal your next chapter through the medicine of words

Next Circle Start Date 7th August

Access your wisdom, intuition & inner healing

A Profoundly Personal Journey

The most powerful statements on earth start with I am

They are intentions

They are spells

They are bound by universal law


what you’ve been carrying


and revel in your sacred wonder


your next chapter

Gather The Women

x4 Online Gatherings

This programme will see you choosing a beautiful journal and filling it full of words, doodles, pictures, cut outs, poetry and phrases that soothe your heart.

These are profoundly personal journeys. A time of self-exploration, getting to know yourself at a deeper level by creating time for you, every day, for 22 consecutive days. Alongside the plant medicine Cacao (optional) and careful crafted journal prompts, you are taken on a journey of releasing what no longer serves you, reclaiming your essence and revealing your next chapter.

Over the course of 22 days, we meet 4 times in our small, private sister circle. Once a week at the same time. Where we share only what we feel comfortable to, we are witnessed and supported in our journey. A place to celebrate each other.

Beautiful & Confidential

Intimate Sister Circles

writing to release past hurts and appreciate who you are

journalling to invite in new dreams, wishes, intentions & spells

learning how to channel your own sacred words through meditation, quiet space and your journal

Every day we experience a vast array of emotions, yet we spend no time integrating them, assimilating them or understanding their value and so we

hold onto past hurts playing them over in our minds

get weighed down by the expectations of others

and find ourselves compensating and feeling overwhelmed, anxious and in stress

“No-one outside of this trusted circle will ever hear what you say – that gives you freedom you may have never tasted before.

Access Your Wisdom,
Intuition & Inner Healing


This programme is designed to give meaning to your emotions, allowing you to process them, appreciate and honour your deepest, most private thoughts, in order to unleash your most powerful navigation system – your intuition, your inner guidance and your own innate wisdom.

This is a deeply personal journey and in that, you will be witnessed in your grounded growth, your sacred healing and your birth-right to thrive by 6 other women, in complete confidence – a trust bond between you all, a safe space for you to speak your truth.

– 4x Weekly Ceremonies
– 18-Morning Rituals sent to you (approx 20 mins required)

A copy of Sacred, by Lynette Allen

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