Are you ready to
awaken your senses &
ignite your intuition?

You have all the answers to consciously create the life you want. The secret is in your connection to yourself. Ready?

Intuition Teacher and 10 Senses Master

Tara Paonessa

Known for her innate understanding of the senses, based on the teachings from the Animal Kingdom.

Level 1

10 Senses Practitoner Training

Our life force seeks wholeness and fulfillment. Head to the place where stress, procrastination and fear no longer exist and each moment is magical.

Head into the heart of your intuition.

Sister Circle

Her Words Are Medicine

Join our Sacred Voices Sister Circle to reclaim your power, release burdens, and reveal your next chapter through the medicine of words

Clearing the path to inner knowing

Connecting to who you were born to be

Events & Dates

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Please get in touch with me by email, text, phone or WhatsApp – whatever you’re comfortable with.

[email protected]
07957 720710

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