The Path to Intuition: 10 Senses Level One Practitioner


You deserve to have the feeling of inner peace

The feeling which is gentle, soft and yet curiously assured

A smile can arise from this feeling

It brings about quiet confidence

It guides you with a sense of inner knowing which might not be logical, but the feeling is unmistakable, you just know how you feel, you have certainty

You know this feeling, you sometimes have this feeling, you recognise the power of this feeling

You deserve to be able to call on this feeling at any time for all parts of your life

This feeling is intuition. An inner knowing. An innate, instinctive sense and feels so good when you have it

There is a pathway to developing, strengthening this inner knowing

It arrives through the connection to our senses

The next start date for my course, The Path to Intuition is May 17th

It involves the practice of using all our senses, there are 10

If this journey is calling to you, at a deep level, a knowing level, drop me a note to say hi and we can take it from there.

No experience is needed and all are welcome.

Tara x






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